White Knuckle Tours

One of the great experiences was to have a contract teamster take a group to view the buffalo herd that was now becoming more visible in the

When Push Comes to Shove

...combat, if you can call it that, is usually very gentlemanly...governed by a set of rules that is only recorded in the genes of the Elk.

When Preditors Meet

...will feature a highly disturbed sow grizzly with two frightened cubs trying to get out of mother's way which she has moved instantly

What Top Knot?

There was an old trade expression, "Watch Your Top Knot." or take care of yourself, mainly your hair since Indians collected enemy

Washburn Grizzly

The original was commissioned by OUTDOOR LIFE MAGAZINE for a series, "The Great Bear Men" that was published in six parts in 1988.

The Six Legged Elk

...When the "Mountain Man" stalked his prey, he would position himself with his horse and move in as close as he dared beside his

Parting of the Brigade

...Mountain Men attending the "Rocky Mountain College" or the "School of Hard Knocks". There were many fur companies ope

The Foofarrow Parade

...band of Crow Indians (Mountain Crow) near the Continental divide of Montana Territory. They possibly could have been visiting their allie

The Big Sneak

...He must move in as close as possible using his horse for a shield until he was absolutely certain that he had a "sure shot". On

The Battle of the Big Hole

The site is now a US National Monument administered by the National Park Service, just west of the present town of Wisdom, Montana. The Nez

Telltale Breeze

The Tallyho was a "sardine passel" of ladies in fully frocks and chic chapeaus along with gentelman in Sunday suits and bowler hat

Tales of Bear Step

...They loved to tell stories and a little fabrication only added to the excitement of the tale and if "green horns" or "pork

Suddenly Shorthanded

The cook is a recurring character named "Skinhead Sally" and the question Gary asked was, "who would come out ahead in a face

Steam Heat

The engineer in the Baldwin K-27 has just tried out his whistle and those cow ponies have just blown up. A stock loading siding on the old D

Sneaky Pete

In "Sneaky Pete" our hunters are once again using their horses as live camouflage and taking advantage of the horses keen senses.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

The cattle have been driven to the rail head and loaded on the rail cars for shipment and the decision made on which of the cowboys will mak

Shaw & Powell Yellowstone Tours

...or elected to see the sights by joining a party of tourists camping with the Shaw & Powell Outfit. Their tourists were picked up at t

Red Dog Saloon

...Nevada City stands today a testament to Pioneer Montana. The Alder Gulch area was the site of a gold rush during the civil war and the &q

Plummers Shebang

...Between the towns of Bannack and Virginia city, he situated his spies at various stage stops, saloons and road houses. Whenever a miner o

Paradise in Colter's Hell

... shaking, trembling, scorched earth, steaming geysers, stone trees and with the smell of brimstone. Old timers felt that this was as clos

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