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Stagecoaches in the Yellowstone Park Series #4


Artist's Commentary

The Shaw & Powell Camping Outfit supplied transportation and camping facilities for Yellowstone Park tourists before automobiles and busses came into wide use about 1915.

A common scene in Yellowstone Park before 1915 was tourists sightseeing from a Concord stagecoach, and being enlightened by a coach driver of no small repute. The drivers were very colorful, each commanding his own team of horses in many instances. Here the tour group is admiring the upper falls overlook at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

"A KODAK MOMENT" is number 4 in the early transportation in Yellowstone Park series. The lithograph was reproduced from an original oil (20"x36") and is limited to 850 signed and numbered lithographs with 85 artist's proofs and 85 publisher's proofs. It is printed on top quality 100% certified archival (300 years) paper, pH neutral number 1 grade with an image size of 18"x32" and a 2" trim on all sides. It has been personally inspected and signed by the artist in pencil. The plates have been destroyed after publication and no further issues will be made.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

March 1993

A Kodak Moment

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