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Artist Commentary

Gary Carter of West Yellowstone, Montana is a founding member of the NWR Group and has exhibited at the National Academy of Western Art in Oklahoma City. His work is in collections across the United States and his commissions are scheduled in to the year 1985 as of this writing (1981).

"Camp Meat" is another of the Artist's successful portrayals of the "It Should Have Happened This Way" or an authentic glimpse into a moment of our Western History.

The stalking horse was a method used by the free trapper when seeking one of the necessities of life. By utilizing the cover provided by the horse, he was able to work in close to his quarry and since the quarry did not count legs and note there were six rather than the customary four, our hunter was often successful. Our subject did not kill the animals for sport but only to survive. He lived by the simplest of rules but under the most difficult conditions. This painting is in celebration of a time that was rigorous under the best circumstances.

This print is reproduced on Plate Finish 100% Rag Paper and the process is your guarantee of many life-times of viewing pleasure. The editions limited to 1000 prints, signed and numbered by the artist in pencil. The image size will be 18"x20" and will have a 2" trim.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

November 11, 1980

Camp Meat

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