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"It Should Have Happened This Way" collection

Artist's Commentary

Ranchers have their pet stories about cowboys they have hired and fired. I enjoy hearing tales of different buckaroo types that drift from one riding job to another...always looking for the "right" outfit where "anything isn't done on horseback, ain't worth doin'" . It's tough to fix a fence or irrigate from high up. And it's great, also, to hear tales about cowboys serving their apprenticeships.

Last spring I was fortunate to be on the Krone Ranch near Hardin, Montana for roundup. It was hot and the crew was working through the calves (much activity) roping, mugging, branding, vaccinating. The calves were big by late June and mid-July branding. A time such as this makes a certain artist glad not to be drawing wages, and thankful for Igloo water coolers. Whenever you can't get a drink (water of course) you get thirsty, and the thought of cold watermelon floating in the stock tank at the cow camp causes your tongue to swell up. It was this thirst that inspired this painting. Eating that watermelon is just what I wanted to do!

"HIRING YOU WAS LIKE 3 GOOD MEN LEAVING" portrays another scene in my series of, "It Should Have Happened This Way" originals. The original oil painting is 22"x48", and was first shown at the Cowboy Artists of America Show in Phoenix, Arizona in October 1983.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

October 1983

Hiring You Was Like Three Good Men Leaving

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