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Top Knot Series #4


Artist's Commentary

The fall works are over and before the first drifting snow, a sow grizzly and her yearlings are making a last forage before denning up. The boys were preparing for a quiet winter in line camp checking ranch cattle, fences and chopping ice at water holes.

The boys are in a world of hurt now...Mom has them penned and the ponies are heading for the Home Ranch. They should have fixed that door instead of hanging a rug in the opening. This will be the last chance to cook outside instead of over that grimy cook stove.

It will be a long, cold and wet walk back to Headquarters and they will be the brunt of many jokes and good natured ridicule. This painting was inspired by a friend (Fred Walsh) who was treed by a bear while gathering shed antlers...the only escape was a spindly pine which he scaled with Olympian skill. He was unarmed except for some skoal. This fearsome weapon was sprinkled on the bear's muzzle as it chomped and swatted at him. This bear heeded the surgeon general's warning and retreated out of range. When our hero attempted to escape, the bear treed him again. Finally the bear developed a need for water and there is at least one case where tobacco saved a life...

"HOME SWEET HOME" is number 4 in the "TOP KNOT" series and was reproduced from an original oil (22"x40"). It is limited to 850 signed by the artist and numbered lithographs with 85 artist's proofs and 85 publisher's proofs. It is printed on top quality 100% certified archival (300 years) pH neutral number 1 grade paper with an image size of 17-1/2"x32" and a 2" trim on all sides. It has been personally inspected and signed by the artist in pencil. The plates have been destroyed after publication and no further issues will be processed.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

June 1994

Home Sweet Home

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