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Stalking Horse Series #3


Artist Commentary

This is the third in a series of "Stalking Horse" portrayals by Gary Carter of West Yellowstone, Montana. The serene early winter morning setting will soon be disturbed by the explosion of the mountain man's flintlock rifle. He will have one chance to secure the valuable meat that will sustain him through the weeks ahead.

He uses his horse to hide his own silhouette from his quarry. His outline would spook the elk but an elk does not react to another four-legged grazer. By using his horse as a shield, he is able to work in close for that one chance of "making meat". This team of man and horse must gain a position that will assure a one shot kill - for in those fleeting moments his target will have vanished into another valley and there will be no fresh meat on the fire that day.

It has been often asked why the mountain man stayed with the flintlock when percussion cap rifles and ammunition were available in the trading posts. The consensus of those knowledgeable about this period was that one could exhaust his supply of caps but with the flintlock, one could always find a substitute for flint that would activate this means of survival.

"No Second Chance" portrays another scene in Carters "It Should Have Happened This Way" series of original oil paintings. It joins favorites like "Camp Meat" and "When Starvation is a Flinch Away" depicting the life of a free trapper in the 1800's.

This work is reproduced from an original oil (24"x48") and is limited to 850 signed and numbered prints with 85 artist proofs. It is printed on high quality Limoge 100% archival paper, pH neutral, number 1 grade with an image size of 17"1/2x35'. It has been personally signed in pencil by the artist and the plates have been destroyed after printing.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

November 11, !980

No Second Chance

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