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(or. The First Windshield Hunters)


Artist's Commentary


Has the automobile dulled our hunter's senses? Should they "Get a Horse" order to sneak up on those trophy bulls their intrepid ancestors seem to always return with? That Model 'T' does hide the silhouette but not as aesthetically as a horse...But Change is inevitable, and it is not necessarily an improvement.


This painting shows that technology is not always an improvement. "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man"...And the outside of a Model 'T' is not always good for the man or beast. Our guide is not too sharp until after his morning coffee and his hunters are not thrilled about shoveling out the "hunt-mobile" or all the gates they had to open to reach the fact, some have suggested that the landscape looks a lot like inside Yellowstone Park...The Model 'T' is doing its Old Faithful routine and I think there is a Park Ranger headed for the steam...


This lithograph was reproduced from an original oil (30"x48") and is limited to 850 signed and numbered reproductions with 85 artist's proofs and 85 publisher's proofs. It is printed on top quality 100% archival paper, pH neutral number 1 grade with an image size of 20"x32" with a 2" trim. It has been personally inspected and signed by the artist. The plates have been destroyed after publication.


Gary Carter
West Yellowstone, Montana
August 1991

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