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Six Legged Elk Series #5

Artists Commentary

Life in the old west... game seems to know when a hunter is unarmed. I've seen some nice animals from an outhouse seat. Our intrepid mountain man is clearing the sleep from his eyes and is going to water his saddle horse in the stream. What a great wake up... who is the most surprised???

The 3 bulls are about to end their bachelor summer and enter into "rut". Fall is in the air and they will soon complete for a harem. It is an exciting time when one can bugle in a big bull who sometimes come on the run... adrenaline charged. I believe everyone should experience the sound of an approaching elk in heavy cover who believes his dominance is in jeopardy. Don't ever think an elk can't run in lodge pole thickets and believe me... they will use those brow tines.

One bull elk flushing from cover is not too unusual but three good bulls jumping into the opening is over-whelming especially when unprepared to make meat. I hope this child has a lot of pemmican.

"Rut Race" is number 5 in the Six Legged Elk Series and was reproduced from an original oil (24"x36"). It is limited to 850 signed by the artist and numbered lithographs with 85 artists proofs and 85 publishers proofs. It is printed on top quality 100% certified archival (300years) pH neutral number 1 grade paper with an image size of 20"x30" and a 2" trim on all sides. It has been personally signed by the artist in pencil. The plates were destroyed after publication and no further issues will be produced.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

July 1994


Rut Race

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