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"It Should Have Happened This Way" collection


Artist Commentary

When fall comes to the Northern Rockies it's time to ship steers to the market. Autumn marks a season of hard work that will soon end for the cowboys. It's time to spend what money they have accumulated and have a good time. Then it will be time to find a haven for the winter. It may be bar tending. It may be riding the "Grub" line until calving starts. Some way they will survive and return to the "Shipping Point" again next year.

The railroad saved ranchers and cattle a lot of mileage. No longer was it months in the saddle and mile upon endless mile of dry and dusty trails that seemed to never end. Instead of trailing cattle to a major stockyard, the cattle were driven to a local rail head, loaded on stock cars and shipped to a processing center.

"Shipping Point" portrays another scene in Carter's "It Should Have Happened This Way" originals. It was reproduced from an original oil (20"x34"). The image size will be 19 1/2"x32" with a 2" trim. It is limited to 850 signed and numbered prints and 85 artists proofs. It is printed on archival quality pH neutral paper, number 1 grade. Each of the reproductions have been signed and personally inspected by the artist and all reproduction plates have been destroyed.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

May 4, 1984

Shipping Point

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