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"It Should Have Happened This Way" collection


Artist's Commentary

It's shipping time in the fall of 1935 up in the Colorado High Country. The engineer in the Baldwin K-27 has just tried out his whistle and those cow ponies have just blown up. A stock loading siding on the old Denver & Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Rail Line was a frightening place for range horses. Those steel snakes and hissing, steaming iron monsters surely thrive on horse flesh.

One can still experience the flavor of the Old West on the Colorado Railroad. The name is now the D&SNG, the During & Silverton Narrow Gauge train. The new ownership has emphatically stated that there will be no diesels on this line, only vintage steam.

There is a flavor in narrow gauge unattained in the standard gauge world. A ride in the D& SNG will allow you to step back in time and experience a beautiful wilderness occasion that will be forever etched in your memory. If you are a true rail fan, climb aboard and enjoy...

STEAM HEAT" portrays another scene in Carter's "It Should Have Happened This Way" originals. It was reproduced from an original oil and virtually the same size with trim. It is limited to 850 signed and numbered prints and 85 artist's proofs. It is printed on archival quality pH neutral paper, number 1 grade. The image size is 141/4"x32" and has been personally signed and inspected by the artist.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

March 15, 1983

Steam Heat

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