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Artist's Commentary

This painting shows a pre-reservation period band of Crow Indians (Mountain Crow) near the Continental divide of Montana Territory. They possibly could have been visiting their allies, the Nez Perce. The Nez Perce would return the visit annually on their trek to the buffalo plains. these Crow are a wealthy in horses with good lodges and new poles...and much decorated finery.

The Crow Tribe were generally well disposed toward "whites" and befriended the trapper and settler. This was an intelligent and strategic tribal decision as the crow recognized the material benefit that the white race could deliver, as well as protect the Crow from their surrounding Indian enemies. This beneficial relationship between the old Americans and the New Americans manifests itself in the title of this painting. It is as if a Mountain Man had seen these Indians and labeled it a "Foofarrow Parade". Foofarrow was a mountain term meaning "heavily ornamented" or "gee-gaw laden".

The Crow tribe continued to be "good Indians" acting as scouts for the US Army, and did not help the Nez Perce in their 1877 "war" with the US Government. The pride and heritage of the Crow Tribe is strong today and may they always have their tribal lands and customs.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

May 13, 1983

The Foofarrow Parade

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