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Artist's Commentary

This scene depicts a group depicts a group of Mountain Men attending the "Rocky Mountain College" or the "School of Hard Knocks". There were many fur companies operating in the 1800's and this group is shown at the departure point along the Snake River, just before dividing into small parties and heading for their respective trapping grounds. The Tetons in the background appear to add a touch of serenity to the scene, but before winter reaches it's termination, they will have attracted weather to test each and every man in the group.

Early-day trappers found it was easier to live off the land and that they were less detectable to the Indians of the area if they traveled in small parties. The ordeals of this life have no parallel in today's modern existence.

The scene shown here would be repeated in a July rendezvous, with the various companies coming together to meet with their hired parties, or the "free trappers" who operated independently. This time, it would be for the sale of goods and resupply of their necessities.

The "PARTING OF THE BRIGADE" portrays another scene in Carter's "It Should Have Happened This Way" originals. This work is reproduced in virtually the original size. It is limited to 850 signed and numbered prints and 85 artist's proofs. It is printed on high quality pH neutral paper, number 1 grade. The image size is 16"x28-3/4" and personally inspected and signed in pencil by the artist.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

September 20, 1982

The Parting of the Brigade

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