Elk Lake Divide

"Elk Lake Divide" Stalking Horse Series #11

Print Size: 22"x36"

Retail Price: $1000 Sale Price: $500

Artist's Commentary

The Elk Lake Divide is located in South West Montana and it divides the Centennial Valley from the Missouri Flats. It is just above Wade Lake and is one of my favorite locales. My first view of this area came about 12 years ago while trailing Diablo Mesa cattle from the home ranch 65 miles away near Cameron. It was easy to visualize an earlier time in such a primitive setting and the possibilities for a mountain man looking for "something for the pot".

The terrain allowed to see for great distances while remaining under or behind suitable cover. With his horse as his shield, he could maneuver within easy range of his prey. With his silhouette hidden from his quarry...as his outline would spook the elk...he is able to work in close for that one change of "making meat". The team of men and horse must gain a position that will assure a one shot kill...no time to reload as his target will have vanished into another valley and there will be no fresh meat on the fire that night.

"ELK LAKE DIVIDE" is number 11 in the STALKING HORSE SERIES that started with "WHEN STARVATION IS A FLINCH AWAY" and "CAMP MEAT" published in 1981. This lithograph was reproduced from the original oil (20"x36") and is limited to 850 signed by the artist and numbered lithographs with 85 artist's proofs and 85 publisher's proofs. It is printed on top quality 100% certified archival (300 years) pH neutral number 1 grade paper with an image size of 18x32" and a 2" trim on all sides. It has been personally inspected and signed by the artist in pencil. The plates have been destroyed after publication and no further issues will be produced.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

October 1991


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