Full House

"Full House" Stalking Horse Series #12

Print Size: 22"x36"

Retail Price: $400 Sale Price: $150

Artist's Commentary

The setting for this STALKING HORSE painting is just past 7 mile Bridge on the Madison River in Yellowstone Park. My wife, Maryls, and I owned a Snow Coach for many years and averaged a Park excursion about four times a month each winter. We have observed elk at all seasons but to see them grazing on river moss on sub zero days and seeing their coats covered with icicles is an uncommon sight.

It was easy to imagine an earlier time with the Mountain Man on his four legged snow coach seeking something to fill the empty stomach that was crying for sustenance. His vehicle did not have the heating and shelter that mine was equipped with from the factory but he had a shield that would enable him to gain a good shot at his prey as the elk was not known for its math ability and didn't count legs...whether the horse had four or six made little difference to the elk and he accepted the horse without knowing of the danger on the other side. The Mountain Man must move in as close as possible for a "sure shot" for if he missed there would be no chance to reload.

"FULL HOUSE" is number 12 in the STALKING HORSE SERIES and this lithograph was reproduced from an original oil (20"x36") and is limited to 850 signed byt the artist and numbered lithographs with 85 artist's proofs and 85 publisher's proofs. It is printed on top quality 100 % certified archival (300 year_ paper, pH neutral number 1 grade with an image size of 18"x32" with a 2" trim. It has been personally inspected and signed by the artist in pencil. The plates have been destroyed after publication.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone

November 1991


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