In the Yellowstone

"In the Yellowstone"

Print Size: 24"x35"

Retail Price: $400 Sale Price: $195

Artists Commentary

Originally, Yellowstone National Park was referred to as "Colters Hell" because John Colter was the first to record the wonders here and his description of the great clouds of steam arising from the many hot pools and geysers lead people to comment that this was as close to "Hell" as you would want to get... Mountain Men were drawn to this area in the winter for it provided some much needed warmth and something for the pot to fill an empty stomach.

Environmentalists would have appreciated this individual for he was the first conservationist. He would never take more than he could use. He kills to take care of his own needs and shares the rest with scavengers that are nearby. He had no desire to plow fields or raise domestic animals to provide the nourishment that he needed. He wanted to be left alone and to pursue a lifestyle that is impossible to describe by today's standards. The "park" was the type location that fit most of his needs. No "hostiles" as they were superstitious and since they did not understand this natural wonder, were rarely seen and you could be a little on less guard. The animals enjoyed the sauna effect and were more accessible. This combination made life easier for a man in his fight for survival in a time of eight month winters.

This lithograph was produced from an original oil (20x30") and is limited to 850 signed and numbered reproductions with 85 artists proofs and 85 publishers proofs. It is printed on top quality 100% archival paper, pH neutral 1 grade with an image size of 20"x31" and a 2" trim. It has been personally signed in pencil and inspected by the artist. The plates were destroyed after printing and there will be no future reproductions.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

February 1990


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