"Orphans" "It Should Have Happened This Way" collection

Print Size: 24"x36"

Retail Price: $500 Sale Price: $150

Artist's Commentary

A Mountain Man's life was a lonely existence and he was constantly seeking companionship whether it be human or animal. In this case it would lead to far more trouble than the comfort he was seeking. Grizzly cubs by nature are curious and fun-seeking. They are born without fear and when this strange paid attention to them they reciprocated by tolerating his presence.

Sow Grizzly are neither understanding or tolerant when it comes to their young. In this case with two cubs involved, there will be no forgiveness at all and he had better find a tall tree to climb or hope his horse sprouts wings. One of the first rules of the woods is never come between a bear, any bear, and her cubs. He might have thought they were orphans and would make good company but this was before he sighted 'Mamma" charging after him and his furry acquisitions. The cubs seem to be pointing the way but the Sow needs no help in finding the "Bearnapping" Mountain Man.

"Orphans" portrays another scene in Carter's "It Should Have Happened This Way" originals and was reproduced from an original oil that was 30"x48". It is limited to 850 signed and numbered prints with 85 Artist's proofs. It is produced on archival quality pH neutral paper number 1 grade. The image size of this limited edition is 20"x32" and has a 2" trim. It has been personally signed in pencil and inspected by the artist.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

March 1986


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