Signed, Sealed and Delivered

"Signed Sealed and Delivered"

Print Size: 20"x36"

Retail Price: $200 Sale Price: $95

Artist Commentary

It ain't over till the paper work is done... SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED represents the final act of the transaction. The cattle have been driven to the rail head and loaded on the rail cars for shipment and the decision made on which of the cowboys will make the trip with the stock. The hand shake consummated most business deals and the buyers word was his bond. No fancy lawyers or accountants to check things out nor delays because the check is in the mail. Life used to be simple.

The railroad saved the rancher and cattle a lot of travel miles and loss of stock weight. The nearest rail head was the pick up point and as more track was laid, it became less of an ordeal to move stock to the market. No longer did it take weeks and long hours in the saddle to move herd. The convenience of the railroad saved many a lost head from mother nature, cattle rustlers and countless difficulties that Murphy's Law invokes.

In our history, the railroad must be given credit for tying our large nation together. When one remembers the method of crossing the expanse of this country by covered wagon and the movement of supplies by the same method, the connection of the east and west coast with rails and conveyances made a very complicated situation compatible with the need. When you have the occasion to ride on of these majestic vehicles, take time and remember they were a part of our heritage.

SIGNED, SEALED, AND DELIVERED is limited to 850 signed by the artist and numbered lithographs with 85 artists proofs. It is printed on 100% archival pH neutral paper and only the highest quality, fade resistant inks are used in the reproduction. It has been personally inspected by the artist and all production plates have been destroyed after printing.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

November 1989


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