Tales of Bear Step

"Tales of Bear Step" (Grizzly LE Collection)

Print Size: 25"x30.5" Retail Price: $120 Sale Price: $85

Artist's Commentary

A mountain man's recreation in the long winter months was limited but his main enjoyment was reading (if he was literate) or the telling of tales. Most of the stories started with some incident that happened to a friend or acquaintance and over the years grew to a point that it was scarcely recognizable from the actual happening. They loved to tell stories and a little fabrication only added to the excitement of the tale and if "green horns" or "pork eaters" were in the audience, they took special care in throwing a little additional scare their way.

Generally, their stories were about encounters with the grizzly or other animals. It was embellished with a few Indians and the worse "darn" winter they had ever seen. Jim Bridger or "Old Gabe" was a past master at the spinning of yarns. It is said that he would display dinosaur bones at his trading post Ft. Bridger and then advise the west bound travelers that they had better carry plenty of powder and lead to protect themselves from these gigantic beasts of prey.

Times have really not changed as the beat goes on. The "bull" sessions today have many of the ingredients of the old days, only the subject may be a little different but the purpose and enjoyment remain. These sessions are not as important as they were in the 1800's for then it was the only show in town and the individual could share for a time, the fantasy of the mountain man as he fought for survival.

This work is reproduced from an original (24"x30") and is limited to 840 signed and numbered lithographs with 85 artist's proofs. It is printed on 100% quality archival paper, pH neutral number 1 grade with an image size of 21"x26-1/4". It has been personally signed in pencil and inspected by the artist. The plates have been destroyed after printing.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

June 1987


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