When Preditors Meet

"When Preditors Meet" (Grizzly LE Collection)

Print Size: 19.5"x25"

Retail Price: $120 Sale Price: $85

Sold only in a set with "Washburn Grizzly"

Artist's Commentary

The original was commissioned by OUTDOOR LIFE MAGAZINE for a series "The Great Bear Men that was published in six parts during 1988.

Not all bears are designed in the standard way of "baiting" or "tracking". Some are totally unplanned and this scene portrays the worst set of circumstances imaginable. The scenario when played out with the cast shown will feature a highly disturbed sow grizzly with two frightened cubs trying to get out of mother's way which she has moved instantly to protect. Horse flesh will panic along with the hunter that is trying to protect his skin and bones from this unexpected adversary and complete chaos will be the setting.

Never catch a grizzly by surprise or your surprise will be even greater. Never....mess with a sow grizzly with cubs is a first law of the woods or better yet, never mess with a grizzly...period.

WHEN PREDITORS MEET joins other Carter Grizzly Limited Editions and is reproduced from an original oil (18"x24"). It is limited to 850 signed by the artist and numbered lithographs with 85 artist's proofs. It is printed on top quality 100% archival paper, pH neutral number 1 grade with an image size of 16-1/2"x22" with a 1-1/2' trim. It has been personally signed in pencil and inspected by the artist. The plates have been destroyed after printing and will be no subsequent reissues of this lithograph.

Gary Carter

West Yellowstone, Montana

November 1988


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