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Whip Styles & Customization Information

Your Whip - Your Way

1. Select your whip style, whether it's a Stock whip (stockwhip), Bull whip (bullwhip), or Snake whip (snakewhip). Styles differ -- though spelling is arguable.

Not sure?  See below for the difference.


2. Choose your primary color option, and if you wish, choose a second accent color for no additional cost. (Select "None" in the 2nd box for no 2nd color)

3. Choose the length and decide if you want the standard full-plait braided nylon  handle, or customized with 1/2 plait nylon or leather.

4. Click button at bottom to proceed to order page.


01 White
02 Black
03 Tan
04 Brown
05 Navy Blue
06 Purple
07 Burgundy
08 Charcoal
09 Silver Gray
10 Dark Green

11 Kelly Green

12 Red
13 Royal Blue
14 Colonial Blue
15 Pink
16 Yellow
17 Turquoise
18 Neon Yellow
19 Neon Turquoise
20 Neon Pink
21 Neon Orange

Basic Whip Differences


The bullwhip, an American favorite, is a single continuous whip with the stock built into the whip thong. The stock is traditionally 10 - 12 inches inches long with the total length of the whip being six to eight feet, though much longer whips are also used. DeSaye bull whips consist of a 16-strand nylon paracord braided over a fiberglass handle and shot-loaded nylon core in lengths from 3 1/2 to 10 feet.


The stock whip (or stockwhip), a DeSaye best-seller, is a whip consisting of two parts: the stock, (handle), and the thong, traditionally six feet, but may be longer. The two parts are joined by a "keeper". DeSaye stock whips are hand-braided with 12 strands of nylon paracord over a loaded nylon core. Fiberglass handles, are 18" to 20" long, with a full-plait, braided nylon covered handle finished in a Pineapple Knot. 1/2-plait handles available. (3' Stockwhip has a 13" handle)


The snakewhip. (Pocket Snake pictured.) Primarily used for martial arts, contests, and self-defence, a snakewhip has no stock. They are similar to the bull whip and can be ordered in lengths as short as 3 feet--known as "pocket" snake whips. DeSaye snakewhips consist of 16 strands of nylon paracord braided over a shot-loaded nylon core. Snake whips are measured by the BRAIDED LENGTH only, this DOES NOT include the 24" fall.

Actual examples of color and style. To view individual galleries, click on a photo in the gallery you wish to see. (Be sure to click the IMAGE, and not the title)

All whip images are actual bullwhips, stockwhips, and snakewhips custom braided from nylon paracord,

by whip maker, Greg DeSaye, Whitehall, Montana


More Hand-Braided Whips

Recent hand-braided nylon paracord stock whips. Hover over a photo to view information -- or click to see larger view with information.

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