Gary Carter, Western Artist

Limited Edition Prints

We are proud to offer our extensive Gary Carter collection for sale.

Our Family started collecting Carter prints soon after Gary started producing them. We have been dealing in Carter prints since that time and in the process we have put together a very large print collection.

Due to changes in family business, we are liquidating our Carter collection at prices well below current retail prices. These prints are all signed and numbered, many have been sold out from Carter for a long time and have been difficult for current collectors to find.

An alphabetical index of linked prints with full artist commentary is available below. Clicking on a print in the Gallery will open a new window with the full description--or visit the Descriptions link. A complete gallery of thumbnail images is available in the Store. If you have any questions after looking over our web site, please give us a call at 406-490-3296 and we will be glad to discuss the prints with you.


Check out the preview below!

Thank You,

Greg and Patty DeSaye